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Custom Logo

Proudly display your own logo while hosting your bingo game. This can be either an organization picture, or if you do not have a picture you can create your own!

Custom Background

Display behind the bingo board your organizations colors, or any picture of your choosing.

Advertising Message System

Have periodic messages display while the game is in progress. These messages can display information about the bingo game or you can even run advertisements.

Easy to use Controls

Settings for both the game board and for configuring games are easy to use.

Save unlimited unique games

You can save unlimited games for later use. Choose your settings and hit save, then the next time you wish to run a Bingo campaign, simply hit the Play Bingo button.

Program Settings

Change and configure the different games of bingo that you wish to play, by changing the sample card, Setting up messages, adding and removing games, and even the name of the game.

Unique Sample Card System

Quickly and effortlessly set up Sample Cards for use in Bingo. Create and save a pattern of your choosing for a specific game so that pattern can be displayed when that game is played.

Touch Screen and Tablet Mode

Hide the mouse cursor, and allow for quick and efficient means to update the Bingo Board, for use with touch screen devices.

Custom Bingo Letters

Have custom Bingo Balls? They are supported by Bingo Assistant! You can configure custom Ball Colors and Letters for use in the application.

Back to Back game system

Set up multiple games, and play continuously and seamlessly from one to the next.

Customizable color themes

Choose custom board colors, text color, light colors (on and off), custom text logo color, and background colors. Easily match Bingo Assistant with your colors easily.

Realistic Bingo Board and lights

Board, Ball, and other color options are available so that you can pick and choose what colors look the best to you, and create realistic game lights and other visual elements.